Summer is one of the most important and lucrative seasons for retailers. This blog is for those seeking new ideas on marketing, selling, and exploring opportunities for summer hat retail in 2024.

Why Every Retailer Should Offer Summer Hats

The sun hats market size was valued at 9 billion USD in 2023 and is expected to reach 26 billion USD by the end of 2030. As a result, many sellers have recognized the increasing demand and are looking for ways to fulfill it. So, to significantly increase your chances of growing income, try adding in-demand seasonal accessories to your existing product line.

Marketing Strategies Ideas for Promoting Summer Hats

The best strategy for promoting summer hats varies depending on whether your store is online or offline, its location, your budget, and the time available for marketing. Here are a few ideas to help you promote and sell summer hats effectively:

displaying summer hats in the showroomdisplaying summer hats in the showroom

Outdoor Events

With great weather, more people spend time outdoors, making it a perfect opportunity to hold outdoor events. You could hire a musician to play outside your shop or set up a big barbecue in a park for your subscribers, offering discounts or selling exclusive one-time items.

Show Support at Local Festivals and Fairs

By becoming a sponsor or volunteer at local festivals and events, your brand gains recognition and attracts new customers.

Create Summer Window Displays

Eye-catching window displays invite passersby into your shop. Get creative by setting up interesting compositions with your summer hats, adding flowers and vibrant colors to attract attention and increase popularity. Your displays should showcase your brand and captivate potential customers.

Create Special Holiday Offers

Enhance the holiday atmosphere with special discounts and themed offers. Some major holidays in America include:

    1. Pride Month
    2. Independence Day
    3. Labor Day
    4. Father’s Day

Take advantage of these opportunities to show support, spread happiness, and create themed window displays, offers, and social media campaigns.

displaying summer hats and clothing and discount signdisplaying summer hats and clothing and discount sign
selling straw summer hats on the eventselling straw summer hats on the event

Limited Edition Summer Hats

Offer exclusive, high-quality, unique summer hats (e.g., custom designs) and market them as limited editions to attract customers seeking unique products.

Provide Summer Coupons

Encourage purchases by offering various types of coupons, such as:

    1. First-time shopper coupons
    2. Referral coupons
    3. 5% / 10% / 25% off coupons in giveaways
    4. Coupons for reviews or social media follows

Promote Summer Hats as Perfect Presents

Market summer hats as ideal gifts for various holidays and occasions.

Target Tourists and Travelers

If your store is in a popular tourist area, create clear advertisements and window displays that are easily understood by non-English speakers. Offer hats made from light, breathable materials that provide coverage for the face and neck, appealing to travelers.

a tourist woman trying a summer hat in local retail storea tourist woman trying a summer hat in local retail store

Must-Have Summer Hats for different Activities and Lifestyles

To provide your customers with a high-quality experience in your shop, offer a variety of designs of summer hats to suit their preferences and needs.

Summer Hats for Travelers

For travelers, it's important to have hats that provide enough sun protection, are lightweight, and packable. Hats that cover the face and neck are ideal.

  • Straw Hats with Wide Brim

Perfect for sightseeing and outdoor activities.

  • Panama Hats

Stylish and practical for hot climates.

Summer Hats for Sports 

For those engaged in outdoor sports, hats should be breathable, moisture-wicking, and provide good sun protection without hindering performance.

  • Baseball Caps with UV Protection

Ideal for activities like running, hiking, and tennis.

  • Bucket Hats

Great for activities like fishing and kayaking.

  • Fishing Hats

Excellent coverage and are typically made from water-resistant materials.

Summer Hats for Beach

Beach hats should provide sun protection, be made from breathable materials, and add a touch of style.

  • Wide Brim Floppy Hats

Perfect for lounging on the beach.

  • Visors Hat

For those who want to keep their head cool while protecting their face from the sun.

a family wearing summer hats on the beacha family wearing summer hats on the beach
playing baseball with wearing baseball capsplaying baseball with wearing baseball caps

 Summer Hats for Gardeners and Outdoor Workers

People who spend long hours outdoors need hats that provide maximum sun protection and comfort.

  • Hats with Neck Flaps

These hats provide excellent coverage for the face and neck.

  • Hiking Boonie Hat

Perfect for hot, sunny days.

Summer Hats for Kids

Children need hats that offer good sun protection and are comfortable for all-day wear.

  • Bucket Hats with Chin Straps

These hats stay in place during play and provide excellent sun protection

  • Sun Hats with Fun Designs

Bright colors and playful patterns make wearing sun hats fun while keeping them protected from the sun.

an old man gardening his backyard with his dogan old man gardening his backyard with his dog
a kid wearing an oversized summer hata kid wearing an oversized summer hat

How to Style Different Summer Hats 

For sellers, knowing how to style different hats presents a great opportunity to assist your clients and boost cross-selling.

Sun Hats with Wide Brim 

Hats with a wide brim are the best choice for a charming and mysterious woman. They are more than just a basic hat; they are an excellent option for any occasion. Here are some tips on how you can combine them in a classy format:

  • Sun hat with wide brim + long skinny dress
  • Sun hat with wide brim + white or blue blouse + jeans

Panama Hats

Panama hats are a must-have for all 'old-money' style enthusiasts. A bright Panama with an elegant ribbon will complete your classy summer outfit. Here are some ideas for your old-money look:

  • Shirt + white or cream pants + loafers + Panama
  • Polo shirt + jeans + Panama
  • Classy suit + Panama
  • Elegant cream dress + Panama
  • Sweater + shorts + Panama

Visor Hats

If your passion is tennis, you're probably familiar with visor hats. Tennis style on the beach is a trend this year. Try combining it with:

  • Swimsuit + visor hat
  • Tennis dress + visor hat
  • Polo shirt + shorts + visor hat
  • Light summer dress + visor hat

Straw Hats 

The ocean breeze and a straw hat evoke the best summer memories. Are you ready to dive into it? A straw hat is the perfect accessory for your summer wardrobe. Not only are straw hats elegant, but they are also light and practical. Pair it with:

  • Sundress + Straw Hat
  • Beach cover-up + Straw Hat
  • Casual shorts and tank top + Straw Hat
a woman selecting a bucket hat for her stylea woman selecting a bucket hat for her style
a man wearing a cowboy hat with western style clothinga man wearing a cowboy hat with western style clothing

Cowboy Hats 

To keep your look both fashionable and comfortable, a cowboy hat is a great choice. Check out this blog to learn the correct way to wear cowboy hats. For outfit ideas, try these combinations:

  • Jeans or jean skirt + Cowboy Hat
  • Simple pastel-colored dress with a simple cut + Cowboy Hat
  • Oversized T-shirt (worn as a dress) and high boots + Cowboy Hat

Fedora Hats 

Fedora hats provide the perfect finishing touch to your outfits, adding sophistication and an old-money style. Interesting look combinations:

  • Classic pants + shirt + golden jewelry + Fedora hat
  • Long dress with a wide cutout + Fedora hat
  • Turtleneck blouse + Fedora hat

Baseball Caps 

Although the baseball cap started as part of a sports uniform, it has become a stylish accessory for everyday walks, part of work outfits, and just as sun protection at the beach. Outfit ideas:

  • Light material suit with a simple cut + Baseball Cap
  • Linen pants + T-shirt + Baseball Cap
  • Cargo pants + Crop top + Baseball Cap

Bucket Hats 

It's easy to incorporate a bucket hat into your summer outfits because you can wear it with various clothes for different occasions and still grab attention and stand out from the crowd. Check out our blog on how to wear a bucket hat  and try these ideas:

  • Summer Dress + Bucket Hat
  • Rain Boots + Bucket Hat
  • Bike Shorts + T-shirt + Bucket Hat
  • Short Skirt + Bucket Hat
a man wearing a straw summer hat and working on the farmfielda man wearing a straw summer hat and working on the farmfield