Dad hats are a relaxed and easygoing style of headwear, similar to baseball caps but with distinct characteristics. Unlike traditional baseball caps, dad hats have an unstructured crown, soft front panels, and a slightly curved bill. They are made from comfortable fabrics such as cotton, denim, or canvas, making them perfect for all-day wear. The simplicity and practicality of dad hats have made them a popular choice for casual outfits and an essential accessory for a laid-back fashion statement.

Why Did Dad Hats Become Popular?

You might have seen them on the streets or even own a dad hat in your closet without realizing it. Similar to baseball caps but still distinct, dad hats have their unique charm. The dad hat style emerged later and has become a symbol of a relaxed vibe in fashion.

Dad hat is all about convenience and simplicity. Just put one on and go where you need to, without spending too much time thinking about what to wear. That’s the essence of these hats – effortless style and comfort.

Cultural Influences

The love for baseball and the rise of baseball caps were evident as people across the country embraced this iconic piece of sportswear. However, not everyone enjoyed wearing company logos or team insignias on their foreheads; many simply wanted something more straightforward and easygoing. This is where the dad hat comes in. 

Celebrity Endorsements

Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Sofia Richie, and Katy Perry – do you know them? Yes, they wear dad hats too. Several celebrities and influencers have been spotted wearing dad hats, which has only boosted their popularity.

Trends in Casual Fashion

Over time, work uniforms have become more relaxed, and formal attire has shifted towards comfort and simplicity, moving away from strict black suits. This evolution has created space for casual headwear, like dad hats.

Versatility and Practicality

The dad hat cap is all about practicality, comfort, and versatility. Easy to complement any casual outfit and fit into any trendy look, these hats are also gender-neutral and can be worn by anyone, thanks to their relaxed, easy-going style.

Social Media Impact

You can find countless combinations and outfit ideas featuring dad hats on any social platform. Simply scrolling through Pinterest, Instagram, or TikTok reveals how influencers and bloggers have incorporated this easy-to-wear accessory into their looks, firing up other fashion enthusiasts. So, it's no wonder that dad hats are so popular.

what is a dad hat stylewhat is a dad hat style

What is the Difference Between a Dad Hat and a Baseball Cap

While dad hats and baseball caps may appear similar at first glance, they differ in several key aspects. Dad hats feature an unstructured crown, soft front panels, and a slightly curved brim, emphasizing comfort and a relaxed fit. In contrast, baseball caps are known for their structured crowns, sturdy materials, and often include prominent logos and designs. These differences in shape, material, and design elements give dad hats their casual, effortless appeal, whereas baseball caps are often associated with a more sporty, branded look.

Shape and Structure

Unlike traditional baseball caps you know, dad hats have an unstructured crown and a bill that is slightly curved. The front panels of the hat are soft and pliable, and the curved brim helps to shield from the sun.

Materials and Fabric

Sturdy materials like nylon, wool, and polyester create baseball caps with a durable feel and a structured look and dad hat and caps are usually made from soft fabrics like cotton, denim, or canvas to ensure maximum comfort and flexibility for all-day wear.

Design Elements

Sometimes a "screaming" bright design with colorful logos of baseball caps might not suit the place you're going, and dad hats cater to a simple, stylish, modern look. They typically don't feature large logos and branding like baseball caps. Instead, they are often preferred in pastel, muted, or even vintage dad hat designs.

Fit and Comfort

Baseball caps are durable thanks to their structure and materials, but because they're often made of polyester or wool, they may feel less breathable. So, whether running errands, hanging out with friends, or attending a casual outing in sunny weather, many people would choose dad hats instead. Plus, unlike baseball caps with shorter brims, dad hats provide more coverage for the head and face.

Intended Audience and Use

Well, not a surprise that basketball hats are associated with sports because of their history, so many wear these caps to badminton, baseball, football, and so on. And even though it might seem that dad hats are only for dads and fathers, it is not true. Everyone can wear them with casual outfits, no matter the gender or age.

How do Dad Hats Differ from Snapbacks?

Dad hats and snapbacks each have distinct characteristics that set them apart. Dad hats are known for their unstructured, soft crown and curved brim, offering a relaxed and casual fit. In contrast, snapbacks feature a structured, high-profile crown and a flat brim, creating a more rigid and stylish appearance. Additionally, snapbacks have an adjustable snap closure for a customizable fit, while dad hats typically have a fabric strap. These design differences make dad hats perfect for a laid-back look, while snapbacks are often chosen for their bold, fashionable statement.


The adjustable strap or snapback on the snapback allows the wearer to customize the cap size to fit their head. In contrast, dad hat doesn’t have something like this and offers less range of adjustability. However, don't worry, as the dad hat style is typically worn slightly larger to achieve this famous free, relaxed look.

Design and Style

In terms of design, snapback hats and dad hats are easily distinguishable. Snapback hats typically feature a textured crown and a high profile, creating a taller appearance on the head, with logos, drawings, bright colors, and cool designs. And, on the other hand, dad hat style is characterized by calm design choices, a lower brim, and soft, comfortable materials.

Target Demographic

Snapbacks are definitely a choice for those who want to showcase their personality, individuality, and fashion taste, typically appealing to younger individuals. On the other hand, the audience for dad hats is broad and inclusive. While originally favored by middle-aged men, nowadays, anyone seeking a simple design, casual style, and comfort in their headwear owns or wants to have a dad hat.

Historical Context

If we examine the timeline, snapbacks became known earlier than dad hats. The former emerged around 1950 and were embraced by nearly every hip-hop enthusiast in the 1990s. Dad hats claimed their place in the spotlight around the early 2000s. Many middle-aged basketball fans initiated this hat trend, leading others to recognize it as a fashion-forward choice for a more relaxed and effortless look.

Comfort and Fit

Here, it's hard to claim which one is more comfortable because it depends on individual preferences. Snapbacks, with their snap closure at the back, allow for customization of size, while dad hats, with their soft crown and curved brim, easily conform to the head. So, it's a matter of personal preference. All we know for sure is that it's best to try both to see which one suits you best.

Where, When, and How to Wear Dad HatsWhere, When, and How to Wear Dad Hats

Where, When, and How to Wear Dad Hats

Wearing cool dad hats is all about embracing a relaxed and casual style. So, wherever you go, you will look stylish and modern. But here are some ideal places and occasions where you can wear this accessory

Casual Outings

Going out with friends or family to a nearby cafe? Wear a dad hat. Playing golf after work with colleagues? Wear a dad hat. Going shopping at your favorite mall? Wear a dad hat. It's perfect for any laid-back occasion.

Sporting Events

Dad hats are a popular choice for attending or doing sports. Whether you're cheering on your favorite team at a baseball game or playing a round of golf, they add a sporty vibe to your outfit.

Outdoor Activities

Hiking, camping, or just lounging outside on a sunny day? Dad hats provide protection from the sun, are comfortable to wear for long hours, and are made from breathable materials, making them the perfect match.

Seasonal Considerations

If you're seeking a hat that complements nearly any summer or spring outfit in your wardrobe, the dad hat is an excellent choice. However, in colder seasons, while not the warmest option, you can still wear it indoors or on milder days.

Styling Tips

  • Pair with Casual Outfits

Dad hats look best when paired with casual, laid-back outfits. Try wearing them with jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, or bomber jackets for a relaxed yet stylish look.

  • Experiment with Colors and Patterns

Don't be afraid to experiment with different colors and patterns to add personality.

  • Play with Proportions

Experiment with the fit and proportions of your dad hat to create different looks. For example, try wearing it slightly tilted to the side or pulled down low for a more relaxed vibe.

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Popular Dad Hat Models 2024

For those retailers and shop owners, we've got a list of the top-selling dad hats in 2024. Also, check out our blog on How to Choose, Buy, and Sell Caps Nowadays.

Best-Selling Dad Hat Models

  • Vintage Dad Hat
  • Classic Dad Hat
  • Tie-Dye Dad Hat (dyed design with bright colors)
  • Distressed Dad Hat (artificially aged hat)
  • Embroidered Dad Hats with simple, minimalistic patches

Dad Hats Frequently Asked Questions

  • How should I clean and care for my dad hat?

    Dad hats are usually made from soft fabrics like cotton, denim, or canvas. To clean them, gently hand wash with mild detergent and cold water. Avoid using bleach and do not machine dry; instead, air dry to maintain the hat's shape and quality.

  • Can dad hats be worn by both men and women?

    Yes, dad hats are gender-neutral and versatile, making them suitable for anyone. They come in various colors and styles, allowing both men and women to incorporate them into their casual outfits effortlessly.

  • Are dad hats suitable for all seasons?

    While dad hats are particularly popular in spring and summer due to their lightweight and breathable materials, they can also be worn in milder weather during fall and winter. However, they might not provide enough warmth for extremely cold conditions.

  • Can I customize a dad hat with my own design or logo?

    Yes, many retailers and online stores offer customization options for dad hats. You can add your own design, logo, or text to create a unique and personalized accessory that reflects your style or brand.

  • What are some common outfit ideas for wearing dad hats?

    Dad hats pair well with casual and relaxed outfits. Common outfit ideas include wearing them with jeans and a t-shirt, athleisure wear, hoodies and sweatshirts, or summer dresses for a chic, laid-back look.