The hat that Sherlock Holmes wore is called a Deerstalker Hat.

The deerstalker hat became popular because of its association with the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, created by British author Arthur Conan Doyle. Now it is associated with detectives, especially in cartoons, comical drawings, and comic films. Originally, it was typically worn in rural areas, often for hunting, and especially for deer stalking, hence the name of the hat.

Originally from the United Kingdom, this characteristic design made it popular among hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, particularly in regions with unpredictable weather. A deerstalker hat is usually made of cloth like wool or tweed, but you can also find it in suede, cotton, or denim. It's stitched together from six or eight triangular panels with rounded sides. To make it cozy, the inside is lined with satin or polished cotton.

The special thing about this hat is that it has semicircular bills or visors in the front and back to shield from the sun. Often, it comes with earflaps that can be tied under the chin to keep the wearer warm. You'll often see it in patterns like houndstooth, herringbone, or plaid.

Whether worn for practicality or style, the deerstalker hat remains an iconic piece of headwear, embodying the spirit of adventure and mystery.

sherlock holmes hat name - detective wearing a deerstalker hat on the case in his room sherlock holmes hat name - detective wearing a deerstalker hat on the case in his room

Where To Wear a Sherlock Holmes Hat?

Whether you're a fan of Sherlock Holmes or simply looking for a new hat to wear, the deerstalker hat is a great option for many occasions.


This hat will keep the sun out of your eyes and off your face and neck, which is essential while fishing. Standing for hours in the sun without any protection can lead to sunburn and sunstroke.


Originally designed for hunting, this hat ensures it won't easily fall off even during movement. It provides excellent protection from the sun, wind, and insects.


With its sturdy design and practicality, the deerstalker hat is highly suitable for farm work or any hard work under the sun for a few hours.

Winter or Summer Outdoor Activities

Whether you're hiking in the summer or skiing in the winter, the deerstalker hat offers protection and style. Its earflaps keep you warm, while shielding your face and neck from sunburn.

Historical Events

If you're participating in historical reenactments or themed events, the deerstalker hat can help you embody the spirit of the Victorian era or channel your inner detective for a Sherlock Holmes-inspired gathering.

Halloween or Other Dress-Up Parties

For a touch of mystery or a nod to classic literature, the deerstalker hat is a perfect accessory for Halloween or other dress-up parties. Simply pair it with a classic coat, shirt, and trousers, turn up your collar as Sherlock did, and you have an easy costume.

Deerstalker Hats For Hunting Fishing Events And HalloweenDeerstalker Hats For Hunting Fishing Events And Halloween

Type of Hat Sherlock Holmes Wears

The type of hat often connected with Sherlock Holmes and the detective world is called the deerstalker hat.

However, its origin isn't directly tied to Arthur Conan Doyle's books, as many believe. The deerstalker hat was mainly worn in rural areas for hunting, and in Doyle's stories, Holmes isn't explicitly mentioned wearing one in Victorian London. Yet, gentlemen of that time commonly wore hats, and Doyle did mention Holmes wearing a floppy-eared hunting cap in one story.

The association of Holmes with the deerstalker hat began with Sidney Paget, the artist who illustrated Holmes and Watson in The Strand Magazine. Paget chose to draw Holmes wearing a deerstalker hat, which later became iconic.

In the most popular modern version of the character, portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch in the TV series "Sherlock," Holmes randomly grabs a hat to hide his face from a crowd. Despite this, his fans loved it, and Watson suggested he wear it more often to please them.

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