Beyond a hat!

Do you know the first available evidence of the hat? It is rumored that the hat was first used by a man named Otzi, who probably lived in the Bronze Age. He was found wearing a headdress made from bear and some other animal skins. We will understand that the hat has an ancient history.

Hats everywhere!

In the depths of history, hats have been an indicator of social position and respect. When men entered the church or someone's house, saw a patron, and always in the presence of a lady, they took off their hats and paid their respects with the tongue of a hat.

The hat has also been a symbol for women throughout history. What class they belong to, their economic status, their religion, almost everything is symbolized by the hat. The women who wore magnificent, big hats were rich women. Today, we can see this kind of value given to the hat more in royal women or first ladies.

There are also hats that have become popular by using them in battles. Like the Boonie hat type that found its place in the Vietnam War. And of course the unforgettable cowboy hats. They still exist.

Last year, the memorable round hats took their place in the most popular shows.

Hat today

Today, hats have become one of the most important instruments of fashion. However, hats, which were used only for fashion and some functions in the past, have been loaded with very different duties beyond just being an item of clothing worn for this purpose.

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The benefits of the hat are endless

We wrap ourselves in hats to protect ourselves from the scorching heat of the summer sun. We remember how harmful it is for our skin to stay under the ultraviolet rays of the sun for a long time, and we immediately put on a summer hat of our favorite style. Whether blown away by the wind or difficult to get through a small doorway, the benefits of this cute and meaningful accessory are immeasurable.

See better

Part of the uniform

Protect the head

Show that you are part of a group

Transmit message. Hats do indeed deliver messages that are sometimes larger than their size.

Religious or political reasons

Show ethnicity

Take attention.

To look taller.

To hide baldness or hair loss

Support your team

Reducing one's anxiety. The sensation of feeling something around one's head can be comforting and reduce anxiety.

The benefits are not limited to this!

The hat also has 'medicine' benefits on our health. Some of the benefits of wearing a hat are to protect the scalp and face from sunlight, to protect the eyes from sensitivity to the sun, which increases as we get older, to prevent skin cancer, to regulate body temperature, to keep the hair and skin in normal color, and to protect the head from the cold.

Annie Gonzalez, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist at the Riverchase Department of Dermatology in Miami, states that squinting will decrease with the use of a hat, so there are no wrinkles around the eyes.

If you like the open air, walking, and the beach, you should make sure to take a hat with you that will block the harmful rays of the sun.

Wearing sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun. However, a funny raccoon tan may appear on your back.

M.D., a dermatologist at Westmed Medical Group in Westchester, New York. Channa Ovits states that hats are an important part of sun protection. And he adds. Not just for people with very little hair on the scalp, but for every person…

The visor of the hat, which reduces strabismus and wrinkles on the face with the shade they provide, will provide better protection if the visor is at least 3 inches long. As the visor gets bigger, the protection will increase and it will also prevent sunstroke. For this purpose, in addition to covering the head, we can challenge the sun with hats that protect the face, neck and neck very well.

For chemical sunscreens to take effect, you should apply a little more and wait a bit. However, hats do this task instantly and effectively with their visors.

As you can see, beyond fashion, hats have many benefits for us.

Not used to wearing a hat?

While some people probably want to wear a hat, they stay away from it for fear that it will not be a routinely worn item and will be considered awkward. However, we recommend that you stay close to hats that have never lost their importance and have many benefits and that you 'crown over your head'. We'd like to say that nothing will make a fashion statement like the hat you will wear! The hat retains its past elegance. Big, small, high, low, casual, stylish, sporty, colorful, every hat makes its owner happy. After a little use, you will embrace the tastes and see that your hat is an instrument that is not much different from your skirt or trousers.

It's not bad to make a start!

Now that you've learned all the benefits of wearing a hat, it's time to go shopping! Maybe it would be fun for us to stock up on some of our favorite types and enjoy the fashion journey. You can browse our store and choose from super cool hats.