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The belt is a versatile accessory. You can hold your pants, complement your dress or reflect your personal style. You will never be complete without a good belt. We wholesale many belt models in different styles and colors for men, women and children. We have hundreds of belt types that you can buy in bulk for your events or store.

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The belt is a versatile accessory. You can hold your pants, complement your dress or reflect your personal style. You will never be complete without a good belt. We wholesale many belt models in different styles and colors for men, women and children. We have hundreds of belt types that you can buy in bulk for your events or store.

If you have accessed our site as a result of searches such as Belts Manufacturer, Belt Suppliers, you are probably the owner of a store that provides belts to its customers or you intend to buy bulk belts for your organization. You are in the right place. Buy4store; offers high quality belts at competitive prices. If you wish, you can get support from our expert team while determining the belt models suitable for your needs.


Different Belts for Different Occasions!

Belts are excellent accessories for multiple functions besides keeping your pants up. They are also perfect for adding colors or textures, or showcasing logos or symbols. Especially when you get belts in bulk, you can easily customize your accessories as you wish! However, certain occasions may require different types of belts, depending on the dress codes, styles, or themes. Buy4store’s rich collection of wholesale belts will provide you with everything that you may need, including;

  • Wholesale Women’s Belts: No matter how you are going to use these belts, you can be sure that you will always get the best deals for wholesale women’s belts. Whether you are planning to resale or just stock up on your own wardrobe, our deals will provide you with the best!
  • Wholesale Men’s Belts: If you are looking for ways to increase your profits, wholesale men's belts are an essential item for any retailer looking to stock up on high-quality accessories for their male customers. Wholesale options allow retailers to purchase belts in bulk at a discounted price, providing cost savings that can be passed on to customers
  • Wholesale Kid’s Belts: From casual wear to formal events, kid's belts can be dressed up or down to suit any outfit. Buy4store’s wholesale kid’s belts will help you to save your budget!
  • Wholesale Leather Belts: Leather belts are timeless classics that can match any outfit and convey durability, elegance, or masculinity. Wholesale leather belts can come in various colors, widths, lengths, and designs, from plain black or brown belts to embossed, braided, or stitched patterns. You can buy leather belts separately or in sets, such as men's leather belt sets or women's leather belt sets.
  • Wholesale Western Cowboy Belts: Western belts are typically wider than traditional belts and feature decorative elements, such as conchos, studs, rhinestones, or turquoise stones. Wholesale western belts can appeal to customers who appreciate cowboy or cowgirl styles, country music, rodeo events, or horseback riding. Those who are looking for Cowboy Belts, Cowgirl Belts, Vintage Belts, Jean Belts, Native, Indian Belts can examine this category. Many wholesale belt manufacturers can also offer western belt buckles wholesale to complement the belts or allow customers to mix and match.
  • Wholesale Rhinestone Belts: The first thing that comes to mind when talking about fashion belts, these sparkly beaded belts are generally preferred by ladies, but are also used by men. Rhinestone Western belts attract a lot of attention. Having this glittering belt type in the shop window will make an extra contribution to your sales.
  • Wholesale Dress Belts: If we were to divide the belts into 2 groups, we could name them as Dress Belts and Casual Belts. Dress Belts can also be called classic belts, formal belts, pants belts, suit belts. In our Dress Belts category, we list belts used mostly in black and brown work and environments. When it comes to business, people pay more attention to their clothing and accessories. They are willing to spend more money for better quality products. By purchasing our dress belts in bulk, you can take advantage of the wholesale price advantage and sell with higher profit margins.
  • Wholesale Ratchet Belts: Ratchet belts do not have adjustment holes, instead there is a rail system and locking mechanism behind the belt. For this reason, it is also called no holes belt. Those looking for Adjustable Belts, Casual Belts, Slide Belts can look at this category. Your customers are sure to find suitable belts. As Buy4store, we offer you high quality ratchet strap models at wholesale and competitive prices. Buy our ratchet belts in bulk, give your customers better deals.
  • Wholesale Studded Belts: Studded belt is a symbol of style. It's a way of labeling yourself as a punk. But today, with the design of many studded belt models, it attracts the attention of many men and women, including those who do not listen to rock. You cannot sell another belt to a person looking for a studded belt. Do not miss your potential customers. Check out our wholesale Studded Belt category. Increase your profitability.
  • Wholesale Buckle Plain Belts: Buckle belts (plain belts) are timeless accessories that can be worn with almost any outfit. In addition, these belts are suitable for customization. They can examine our belts in this category in stores that sell personalized products by printing their customers. You can catch wholesale buckle belts deals and enjoy filling your inventory with price tags suitable for your budget!
  • Wholesale Tactical Belts: Although tactical belts were produced as a type of belt designed for military purposes, we have included these belts in our daily lives over time. Due to the woven nylon that tactical belts are produced from, they are more durable and long-lasting than other belts. Therefore; We can see that it is also called by names such as Adventure Belts, Survival Belts, Camping Belts, Military Belts. Don't worry, you can find tactical belt models in many colors and materials in accordance with fashion on our website with the advantage of wholesale prices.
  • Black and Brown Belts: Although it is not actually a belt type, we filtered black and brown belts as a category, as they are the most sought-after belt colors. In these 2 main belt colors, you can find models suitable for everyone. In addition, slim belts are available in our extra long big belts models. Inventory our black and brown high quality belts made of leather and other materials with the advantage of buying in bulk.


Get the Best Prices with Wholesale Deals

Wholesale belts suppliers like Buy4store can offer competitive prices, diverse choices, and convenient services to retailers who want to stock up on belts and meet the demand of their customers. By purchasing belts in bulk, you can reduce your per-unit costs, increase your profit margins, and have more flexibility in pricing and promotions.

If you are looking for ways to increase your company’s profits, you can be sure wholesale belt deals will be the best choice for your need. Especially when you are getting great catches from Buy4store, you will always love the profit you are getting!


Spread Your Brand’s Name with Wholesale Belt Deals

Wholesale belt deals provide an excellent opportunity for retailers to spread their brand's name and increase customer loyalty. By customizing belts with their logos, slogans, or designs, retailers can turn them into walking billboards that showcase their brand's identity and style.

You can always find blank belts or customizable options at the Buy4store, that will allow you to add a personal touch to the belts, such as engraved or embossed details. Retailers can also use wholesale belt deals to create gift sets that combine belts with related accessories, such as wallets, keychains, or wristbands, that feature their brand's logo or theme.

Thanks to the great belt sales in bulk, you can offer unique and memorable products at competitive prices, can attract new customers, retain existing ones, and promote the brand's values and image.

Furthermore, wholesale belt deals can help retailers stand out from competitors who may offer similar products but lack the customization and personalization options that wholesale belts provide.

Belt - Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to Choose a Belt ?

    Choosing the right belt is an art and requires consideration of various factors such as occasion, size, color, width, style, and quality. That's why we offer a wide range of options, from PU leather belts, known as vegan belts, to authentic real leather belts. Our collection boasts a diverse palette of colors and unique patterns to suit every taste and occasion. Whether you're buying a belt for yourself or belts in bulk for a business, you'll find the best options here with us. Our commitment to quality and variety ensures that you have access to the perfect belt, no matter what you're looking for. Explore our collection at buy4store.com, where we make the world of belts accessible to everyone!

  • How to Measure a Belt ?

    • Identify the Belt: Choose the belt you intend to measure.
    • Locate Reference Points: Identify the end of the buckle and the hole you commonly use when wearing the belt.
    • Measure the Length: Use a tape measure to find the distance from the buckle's end to the used hole.
    • Record the Measurement: Document this measurement in either inches or centimeters based on your preference.
    • Consider Additional Length: If you are measuring for a new belt, add an additional 2-3 inches to your waist size for a more accurate fit.
    • Check Sizing Chart: Always refer to the belt manufacturer's sizing chart to confirm your measurements.
    • Adjustments: If the belt turns out to be too long, you have the option to either have it trimmed or buy one in the next size down.

    Differences Between Men and Women's Belt Sizing:

                   Generally, the steps for measuring a belt are the same for both men and women. The key difference lies mainly in the style and positioning of the belt. Women's belts often sit higher at the natural waist and may require a different length depending on how they are styled—over a dress, a blouse, or directly on the hips. Men's belts usually are worn closer to the hips. Therefore, consider the position where you'll be wearing the belt when you're making your measurement.

  • What are the Parts of the Belt ?

    A typical belt consists of three main parts:

    • Belt Buckle: The buckle is a critical part of any belt, functioning as a fastening mechanism. It holds the two ends of the belt together and can be made of various materials like metal, plastic, or even decorative stones. Buckles come in diverse shapes and styles, ranging from simple clasps to ornate designs. We also provide wholesale belt buckles for our customers.
    • Belt Strap: The belt strap constitutes the body of the belt. Usually made from leather, fabric, or other flexible materials, the strap winds around the waist, threading through loops on trousers or skirts. It is the most visible part of the belt, often reflecting the wearer's style and preference.
    • Loop: The belt loop secures the free end after it has been fastened. By holding it snugly in place, the loop ensures that the belt stays where it's intended, providing both comfort and aesthetics.