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Kid's Plush Panda Beanie Hat - Bulk Earmuffs


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The adorable Kid's Plush Panda Beanie Hat is a delightful accessory that combines style and comfort. Crafted with the finest 100% Polyester material, this hat offers a plush and cozy feel that kids will love. Features a charming panda design, complete with black and white hues that capture the essence of these beloved creatures. With its convenient pom-pom loop closure, this hat ensures a secure fit that stays in place, keeping your child's head snug and comfortable.

The Kid's Plush Panda Beanie Hat is perfect for various activities and occasions. Whether it's a winter outing, a playful day at the park, a costume party, or even a zoo visit, this hat adds a touch of charm and whimsy to your child's ensemble. It not only keeps them warm but also sparks their imagination as they transform into a cute and cuddly panda.

As a competitive wholesaler, we offer this enchanting beanie hat at affordable prices. We understand the importance of providing quality products at competitive rates, allowing you to enhance your inventory while maintaining an excellent profit margin.

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