Born to Ride Magnificent Eagle Belt Buckle

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  • Enameled colors
  • Fits 1-1/2 inch belts
  • Weight: 2.4 oz
  • Made In China
  • 1+ 3+ 6+
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    Introducing the Born to Ride Magnificent Eagle Belt Buckle - a symbol of freedom and independence that speaks to the free spirit in all of us. This striking belt buckle is a true masterpiece, featuring a majestic eagle with its wings spread wide in flight. Crafted with care and passion, this belt buckle exudes a sense of wild abandon, capturing the thrill of the open road and the wind in your hair. With its intricate details and bold design, the Born to Ride belt buckle is the perfect accessory for anyone who loves the thrill of the ride. Whether you're hitting the open road on a motorcycle or just embodying the free spirit lifestyle, this belt buckle is a perfect fit. It is a symbol of your unconquerable spirit and the indomitable nature of your soul.
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    Product Barcode B4S80402CA
    Born to Ride Magnificent Eagle Belt Buckle