RC Transforming Cars Set - Assorted Colors | 5 Cars in Set

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1 Set Price (1 Pcs) - Unit Price $64.00
Product details;
  • 1 set contains 10 transforming RC cars which have 6 different styles in assorted colors
  • Fighting Robots can transform into stylish Cars with Gesture induction transform mode, Sound and Light Effects
  • Not suitable for children under 3-age
  • 1 set comes with 10 displayable packages as shown in the pictures
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    Introducing the RC Transforming Cars Set, a dazzling collection from RC car wholesale distributors. This set includes 10 transforming remote-controlled cars, each in a different vibrant color, providing an extensive range of options for kids and collectors. These RC cars are not just about speed and control; they also boast a unique transformation feature that turns them into robotic figures. This dual functionality adds a layer of excitement to the play experience, offering more than traditional RC car play. The variety in colors – including shades like red, blue, yellow, green, and more – ensures that each car has a distinct character and appeal.

    As a leading provider of wholesale remote control toys, we understand the importance of variety and quality. Each car in this set is designed with precision and care, ensuring a seamless transformation and smooth remote-control operation. The build quality of these cars makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor play, providing lasting durability. The wide range of colors and the innovative transforming feature make this set highly appealing to a broad customer base, ideal for retailers looking to enhance their inventory with versatile and engaging RC toys.

    The RC Transforming Cars Set represents the best of bulk RC cars and wholesale RC toys. With 10 different cars, each offering its unique transformation and control experience, this set is a treasure trove for RC enthusiasts and children alike. It encourages imaginative play and provides endless opportunities for fun and adventure. Whether for personal collection, gifts, or retail, these RC transforming cars are sure to captivate and delight users with their dynamic features and robust construction.

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