Plastic Sword Set - 9 Samurai Swords | Assorted Colors

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  • 1set includes 9x Plastic Samurai Swords in assorted colors; Black, Blue, Red, Brown & White
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    Unleash the spirit of the samurai with our Plastic Toy Sword Set - Samurai Swords, available in red, blue, black, and white colors, as well as assorted sets. Whether you're looking to stock up on bulk toy swords for a themed event or provide kids with the thrill of playtime adventures, our wholesale plastic swords are the perfect choice. These meticulously crafted toy swords capture the essence of traditional katanas, offering durability and authenticity in every swing.

    Our wholesale plastic swords are not just toys; they are a gateway to a world of imagination and excitement. With options to purchase in various colors and assortments, you can cater to different preferences and themes. Whether it's a birthday party, a costume event, or a theatrical performance, these swords add an element of authenticity and fun. Our commitment to providing wholesale toy swords at competitive prices ensures that you can enjoy quality and affordability in one package.

    Elevate your events and inspire playtime adventures with our wholesale katanas. These toy swords are designed for safety and durability, making them suitable for children and enthusiasts of all ages. Whether you choose the striking red, the noble blue, the mysterious black, or the classic white, you'll find that our Plastic Toy Sword Set - Samurai Swords is the ultimate choice for themed fun. Order today and experience the magic of the samurai with these versatile and affordable toy swords!

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